Home Equity LOC

919208399899832.CpsCLojH466VxVdkRAB9_height640A Home Equity LOC from Erie Metro can help you make your dreams a reality. Borrow affordably – as little as $10,000 – using your home’s equity. Enjoy low closing costs and the flexibility of using a line of credit with up to 90% LTV whenever you need it. Use auto pay or Online Bill Pay to conveniently make payments.


HELOC Variable Rates As Low As

Up To $100,000




Compare And Save

Erie Metro FCU's Home Equity LOC can save you money over a Personal Line of Credit and just about any other credit offer.



Bank Personal Line of Credit

Major Home Improvements
Retail Credit Card

5.25% APR*

12.25% APR***



Note: Most personal lines of credit are unsecured loans and require excellent credit history to obtain an affordable rate plus, many have an annual fee. Store credit cards feature not only high rates but also high fees.


New & Refinanced Mortgages


60-Day Rate Lock

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is variable based on the highest The Wall Street Journal published Prime Rate and is adjusted quarterly. Contact the credit union for complete details on rates, terms and conditions, all of which may change without notice. Other rates and terms available.  ***Average taken from several major bank rates. †Major home improvement retailer average rate.  NMLS# 799699 | NMLS# 56538