We’ve Got Your Back And Can Help
With Reg. D Compliance

As your financial partner, we have an obligation to members to help make sure you are in compliance with Regulation D – a law created by the Federal Reserve Board that prevents consumers from using dividend-bearing accounts as transactional accounts.

Certain types of transactions
are limited to 6 per calendar
month, including:

Transactions that do not count
as part of the 6 per month

• Electronic payments
• Telephone requests
• Online transfers
• Automatic payments
• Point-of-sale transactions
• Fax requests
• In-Person (at the teller window)
• ATM withdrawals
• Mail or written requests
• Night-deposit written requests

reg_d_callusYou may be in violation of
Regulation D and not even realize it.

Review your statements immediately and
contact us at (716) 826-1976 to discuss
your options. If you exceed the transaction
limitations outlined above, your account will
be subject to a $3.00 charge. Regrettably, if
your savings account transactions are non-compliant
and the situation is not corrected,
we may have no alternative but to close
your account.
Remember, this is a federal
regulation and compliance is mandatory for all
credit union members.